TaylorMade M2 Golf Shop Product Review

TaylorMade M2 Golf Shop Product Review

TaylorMade’s M2 drivers complement the Company’s existing M1 drivers, and are positioned to be the most forgiving M-Series driver.

While the M1 and M2 are more alike than they are different, the release of the M2 driver marks an important shift in TaylorMade’s design philosophy. Like the M1 driver, the M2 uses a multi-material construction and to make the M2 drivers more forgiving, TaylorMade removed the “T-Track” sliding weight system it employed on its M1 drivers: a Front Track used to adjust the draw and fade bias of the driver, as well as a Back Track used to manipulate launch and spin conditions. The removal of the T-Track created 15 grams of discretionary weight, which was redistributed low and rearward in the driver heads, approximately where its gold sole weight is located.

The M2 has a slightly rougher face texture than the M1, which helps reduce spin. TaylorMade have announced that the M2 will launch roughly 0.5 degrees lower with 100 rpm more spin compared to the M1 460 when the M1’s Back Track weight in its most rearward position. The advantages of the M2 will be for golfers who struggled to create maximum ball speed with the M1, or are looking for more consistency. An M2 driver will also assist golfers who tend to fade their drives, as its more rearward weight position not only creates an overall higher ball flight, but more dynamic lofting at impact that generates increased face closure for added draw bias.

Why not Test a NEW M2 now and book a fitting session in on the upcoming Fitting Day, Saturday 27th February, 2016.

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