Golf for Beginners: Preparing to Play at Brookwater Golf Course

Golf for Beginners: Preparing to Play at Brookwater Golf Course

Golf can seem confusing with all the terminology for the types of areas on course, scoring, and types of club. We know this can scare off prospective golfers before they ever pick up a club. That’s why we are running the Come Try Golf Morning as part of Golf Month, a celebration of golf throughout October from golf clubs and facilities nation-wide.

So if you’ve always wanted to try golf but weren’t sure where to begin, are just returning from a break, or want to enjoy a day out with the family, join us from 9am-10am on Sunday the 8th October, on the Brookwater Golf Course driving range. Open to all ages and skill levels, this event helps you to learn the basics and some tips and tricks to improve your game. Our leading golf pro, John Collins, who was named the QLD PGA Teaching Professional of the Year and MyGolf Deliverer of the Year for 2016, will be on the range to help demystify the sport and get you swinging like a pro.



If you’re ready and willing to put your best foot forward and be the next Tiger Woods, here are our top tips for beginner golfers.

1.    DRESS

Standard dress for golf includes tailored pants or shorts and collared shirts for both men and women. Shoes should be clean and flat soled with no metal spikes that could ruin the greens. Denim isn’t acceptable, nor are tracksuit pants, board shorts, singlets, thongs or shoes without socks. To learn more about golf dress codes, become acquainted with Brookwater’s dress code.


All the standard golfing equipment – such as woods, irons and putters – is supplied on the day, and provides the perfect opportunity to learn from a pro about when to use which club.

However, as you’ll be outside for extended periods, it is important to protect yourself from the elements. Sun protection, including a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, are worthwhile to bring. A sizeable water bottle and some nutritious snacks will you keep you performing at your best at the driving range. It’s also a good idea to bring two sets of towels – one for you and one to keep your clubs in peak condition in the event of any damp or muddy weather.


Warming up your body is just as important as your mind! Beginner golfers often neglect warming up but this a sure way to a pulled muscle. Use your walk around the course to get the blood flowing and warm your golfer’s muscles (glutes, chest, back, core and forearm), before you start swinging. Take a few shots at the driving range before you hit the course to get a comfortable feel for your swing.


If you do decide to go out on the course after the training day, there are some key ways to ensure success. Getting to know your course is a great way to step up your game, as it allows you to visualise each hole and help you feel more confident about the shots you’re going to make. Prepare yourself by becoming familiar with the dunes and fairways with our course layout to improve your enjoyment of the game. Make sure to also bring a scorecard and rulebook.

Brookwater’s Come and Try Golf for beginners’ morning is completely free and requires no equipment of your own. Just don’t forget your enclosed footwear (such as runners) and we’ll see you there to celebrate Golf Month at Brookwater!

WHEN: 9am-10am, Sunday 8th October 2017

WHERE: Brookwater Golf & Country Club, 1 Tournament Drive, Brookwater


If you’re looking to improve your golfing skills even further, Brookwater has a number of golf lessons starting in Golf Month to help you get to grips with the game. Our Ladies Get Golf Ready and Introduction to Golf programs begin on the 14th and 15th of October respectively, with registration for our Junior Golf program, MyGolf, open now!