30 Years through 30 Eyes

30 Years through 30 Eyes

A community mirrors the hearts and souls of the people who shape it.

It reflects their generosity with a spirit of togetherness, their optimism with a spirit of hope and their energy with a can-do attitude that makes anything possible.

A community matures like the people who make it. At age ten, it’s finding its feet, at 20 it’s seeing its future and at 30 it’s learnt from the past and is assured about the future while still energised by a spirit of youth.

Greater Springfield is a community of over 50,000 people, supported by 12 schools, a university, a growing hospital, a vibrant retail precinct, a world-class golf course, stadium and 24 hectares of parklands built around its lagoon – all within easy commute to the Brisbane CBD.

It is a diverse community that celebrates its differences while coming together to overcome its challenges, just as its founders Maha Sinnathamby AM and Bob Sharpless faced and overcame the challenges to build Australia’s first masterplanned city.

Greater Springfield at 30 is just like its people – confident, energetic and brimful of optimism. It’s Australia’s newest city at the heart of its most dynamic region, a place of learning, caring, healing and growing.

This is the story of Springfield.
Told by its people.