Golf Lessons

Learn from the Pros

It’s hard to beat the feeling of striking it ‘pure’ off the deck with a long iron. Perhaps it’s why so many people fall in love with golf. Funnily enough, it’s the very same reason a lot of people fall out of love with this game.

Golfing legend, Ben Hogan once said, “The most important shot in golf is the next one”, which describes golf to a tee. Above all, it’s a game of consistency and that’s exactly what resident pros Ian Triggs and John Collins can help you achieve.

Together they bring experience, skill and expertise that can only be described as world class. From one-on-one tuition to group clinics, for both adults and juniors, they’ll help you find your true swing, improve your game, and even share a few secrets known only by tour players.




John has been a fully qualified golf professional for almost a decade after completing his traineeship at the Royal Queensland Golf Club. Having played on the Australasian circuit and Gateway Tour in the USA, he’s picked up key experience from some of the best names in the game. In 2016, John was named MyGolf Deliver of the year in recognition to his contributions to junior golf in Brisbane. John is focused on helping golfers of all ages and skill levels helping golfers of all levels achieve their goals.

Learn more about John Collins here.



A professional golfer and known as a coach of champions, Ian has almost 40 years training experience to his name. After more than 10 years coaching top players abroad, he has teamed up with Brookwater and now provides elite coaching within the industry-leading facilities at Queensland’s premier golf course. He is well-known for his precise observations around swing technique and correction in guiding and developing some of the world’s leading and promising golfing talent.