Brookwater Golf & Country Club Membership
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • If I am a current member and moving into a new membership category, do I have to pay a joining fee?
      Joining fees are only applicable to new members of the club. A grace period for existing Members moving into another category will be through July 31st, 2023. After this period, if your Membership has lapsed, you will need to pay the joining fee.
    • Who is included in the Family Membership
      Family Membership consists of 2 adults and 2 children 18 and under in the same household.
    • Does a Family Membership include the use of 2 carts
      Family Membership does include the usage of 2 shared carts. If a family has access to their own personal cart and another cart is needed on the day, this is allowed. All children in the Family Membership who are under 18, must be with a licensed adult.
    • Who are included in the Veteran, Defence, and Allied Health Services categories
      As part of supporting our community, all past and serving veterans, current defence personnel and or registered nurses or carers are eligible to join in this category. If a Member who currently is in an existing category, they can transfer to this category without a joining fee through to July 31st, 2023.
    • What driving range balls are included with Memberships
      Each Member from July 1st will be provided with a FOB. The FOB will come with a $100 value allocated to each Member for personal use. The FOB will be activated for the new ball machine in place near the chipping green.
    • Will Members have to use their FOB for competition days and be deducted ball costs from their allocated funds
      On Members’ competition days the FOB will still be required to be used. The Ball Machine will be set up for these competition days at NO CHARGE as part of the comp fee during the competition allocated tee times.
    • How much will Members’ range balls cost outside of competition times
      Members’ ball prices will be $3 for a small bucket and $6 for a large bucket. The Pro-Shop will also provide value packages throughout the year for bulk purchases of range balls.
    • Can I suspend my membership or get a refund during the year if I am leaving the club or taking a holiday
      Membership is a 12-month commitment. If you are taking a holiday or leaving the state for personal reasons, your membership is a contract and non-refundable. This is including Memberships that are paid via a payment plan.
    • Can I suspend my membership if I require surgery and or am in hospital for any length of time
      The Club is always considerate of those that require time to recover after surgery of major illness. Please reach out to the Membership team to discuss your concerns in this area. Generally, up to a 3-month period is allowed with the club being provided a letter from your Doctor. This would not be in terms of a funds reimbursement, however a credit to you next financial year of Membership
    • I am a current Member and now don’t fit into any of the new categories due to work or family commitments. How can I remain active in golf and play with my friends
      The Management are looking at other Membership categories within the club to cover most people. This may not always be the case in some circumstances. In the near future, the club will release a “Lifestyle Membership” which will incorporate 16 Rounds of Golf annually, Range Discounts, and access to the club’s gym and tennis courts.
    • Are Members allowed to use the gym facilities at the club
      The Gym is undergoing renovations to the decking and internal clean-up and equipment update. Once complete, all Members will have access to this facility as part of our 2023-2024 membership.
    • What if I am a weekday Member and the club has a corporate day during the week, which stops me from accessing the course for the entire day.
      The Golf Club during the year will continue to use the course for corporate events, while keeping in mind all Members’ access. The Club would always avoid Members’ competition days when hosting events. Should the course be unusable on any weekday, you will be given a weekend day to play as to compensate for this club activity.
    • As a Member of the club, I am frequently asked to move away from the bar area as the club is hosting a wedding and or function on my competition days. How can the club support my concerns and give me consideration given I am a Member
      The Club is working towards the redevelopment of function space in the coming months to support these concerns. First and foremost, we want each Member to enjoy the course and the facilities as part of their support in being a member. During the year, the Club will host major events and may require some space to be allocated to these events. We will always consider these and work towards as little disruption as possible.
    • I have been a Member for many years now and have seen many improvements to the course over the years, to which I am grateful. My and other Members’ concerns are the bunkers on the course, which are continuing to deteriorate and make the course more unplayable through the years. Do the Owners and Management have a plan to rectify and improve this area of the course.
      The owners and management team are aware of this concern. This has been addressed over the years through smaller renovations, removal, or replacement of bunkers to some degree. The Design of the bunkers is not conducive to maintenance and or continual washouts during annual storms. The owners and management team are looking at a longer-term solution to the bunkers, keeping in mind the costs and time to address this concern.
    • Are club carts included with a round of golf or is this an additional cost?
      Club carts are included in the price of your membership.
    • How many competition timeslots are there available for members on Saturday mornings?
      The tee sheet is fully allocated to members only on Saturday mornings with over 140 timeslots usually available
    • How long in advance can different membership categories book rounds online?
      All membership categories can book tee times 14 days in advance, except resident-only membership categories which have the ability to book 15 days in advance.
    • Are member guest green fees changing for the 2023-2024 membership year?
      Yes, all of our green fees have been reviewed and will be changing as of 1st July 2023. Our updated price list will be shared with members over the coming weeks.
    • Do we need to confirm acceptance for the new year or does it roll over automatically?
      As we have changed several membership categories, we ask that you confirm by email to memberships@brookwatergolf.com if you wish to continue your membership, and if so, the membership category that you would like to opt-in for.
    • I am a current member do I have to pay the Joining Fee?
      You do not have to pay the joining fee as an active member. In the event that you cancel your membership and wish to re-join, the joining fee will apply.
    • Are residents able to book themselves only or can they book a group of residents and non-residents
      All members can book in guests for their tee-time online which includes residents and non-residents.
    • As a Brookwater resident with my own cart, why are the trail fees the same cost (equivalent value) as someone who is using the clubs’ carts (cart fee)
      Trail fees for those who are using their own carts is inclusive of gate maintenance, electricity, keypads, maintenance of the cart paths, and roadworks between the gates and your home. The total value of this is equivalent to the value of the cart fee.

Membership Categories and Benefits

We have a selection of 2023-2024 membership options for Brookwater Residents and Non-Residents.
See here for more information.

For Membership information, please contact the Club on

(07) 3814 5500 memberships@brookwatergolf.com