Dress Code – Golf Attire at Brookwater

All guests and members of the Brookwater Golf Course and Country Club should be appropriately dressed at all times when using any of the club’s facilities.

What to wear at the Brookwater Golf Course & Country Club

Dress Code in the Country Club, Restaurant and Function Rooms

In the Brookwater Clubhouse, including its restaurant and function rooms, neat and tidy attire is required so that we can provide our members and guests the best Brookwater experience.

As a guide, the following clothing items are prohibited:

Prohibited Golf Wear for Ladies:

Tracksuits, rugby jumpers, thongs, swimming or gym attire, t-shirts with loud offensive branding, hats or caps, and bare midriffs.

Prohibited Golf Wear for Men:

Tracksuits, drawstring shorts, football or rugby jumpers, t-shirts with loud or offensive branding, singlets, thongs, swimming or gym attire, hats or caps.

Dress Code on The Brookwater Golf Course and Driving Range

Golfing on the Brookwater Golf Course requires a respectable standard of dress. The following clothing items are permitted.

Permitted Golf Wear for Ladies:

Tailored pants, Tailored shorts, Skirts, Collared shirt, Anklet sport or full-length socks, Clean golf shoes or flat soled sport shoes (no metal spikes).

Permitted Golf Wear for Men:

Tailored long pants, Tailored shorts (including cargo), Collared shirt/Mock style gold shirt, Anklet sport or full-length socks, Clean Golf shoes or flat-soled sports shoes (no metal spikes). Please note that denim jeans are not permitted on the golf course but are permitted within the Brookwater Clubhouse and its facilities.

Exception: Children under the age of 12, when accompanied by a suitably attired adult, may wear a T-shirt or mock style top.

In order to be consistent with the Brookwater Golf & Country Club’s dress code, the following attire is not to be worn:

Prohibited Clothing at the Brookwater Golf Course & Country Club


Denim pants or shorts of any type, Tracksuit pants, Board shorts or elastic waist/drawstring shorts, T-Shirt (of any sort) and Singlets


Thongs or shoes without socks, Football jerseys/jumpers, Metal spiked golf shoes.

Mobile Phones on Course

Use of mobile phones inside the clubhouse is permitted. However, for the comfort of our guests we kindly request that you ensure your mobile phone is switched to silent.

Brookwater Golf Course & Country Club Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the member to comply with these regulations and understand the club’s policies. If you are not able to find suitable golfing attire, please visit the Brookwater Golf Course Golf Shop. We offer a variety of high-quality golfing brands and sportswear to suit all golfers.