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The Brookwater golf course layout is all thanks to Greg Norman’s inspired design, with each hole a perfect mix of challenge and playability. Thanks to recent renovations restoring the course to its original design, the Brookwater golf course holes are now even better than ever.

Brookwater’s redesigned golf course, with improved playability and sustainability, is without a doubt Queensland’s finest golf experience. The spectacular 18-hole, par 72 championship golf course layout roams its way through naturally undulating Australian bushland, with signature bunkering and beautiful inclusion of natural waterways.

View the beautiful illustrated golf course maps, detailed with fairways and obstacles, along with an insight into playing each hole.

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Brookwater’s 18-Hole Golf Course Maps

Hole 1

380m – Par 4

A challenging opening hole. A medium length par 4 into a valley with a gentle dog leg to the left. The tee shot should focus on accuracy with hazards and a deep bunker to the left of the fairway. After a good tee shot to the upside, centre-right of the fairway you will be left with a medium length approach to an elevated green. The green generally slopes from back to front and there is room to bail out on the right-hand side.

Hole 1 Golf Tip: Do not leave your approach shot short or the ball will funnel down into the valley a short of the green.

Hole 2

406m – Par 4

A fairly long hole up a slight hill, but a very attractive one. The drive must be threaded between trees to a shallow undulating valley. From there the fairway swings to the left before curving back to the green and the right hand side of the hole is guarded by a wild gully and a very tall tree half way between the landing area and the green. This tree can block the direct approach to the green from some parts of the fairway and largely determine the strategy of the hole.

A long drive to the right enables a brave second across the rock filled gully area directly to the green. The safer second shot is to the left, from where the front half of the green is easily accessible but the back is guarded by a bunker on the left and the gully on the right.

Hole 3

358m – Par 4

Very different to the 2nd, as the drive is played across a shallow valley uphill to a ridge, from where the fairway plunges steeply downhill before rising again to a green nestled into the trees and slope. The green is slanted from right to left and bunkered heavily on both sides, and favours a tee shot played long to the right hand side.

The left hand side of the green is deep and filled with a bunker that will require a great recovery shot. As a result, the 2nd shot looks spectacular and should be exciting to play.

Hole 4

551m – Par 5

A very dramatic hole, but quite a difficult one. The tees are very elevated and the drive carries to a fairway in a shallow valley which curves from right to left around a number of fierce looking bunkers carved into the ridge on the direct line of a long drive. The bravest line is directly across these bunkers. At the foot of the hill there is a break in the fairway and the hole crosses a shallow gully before rising steeply up the hill to the right to a green which is best approached from the left side of the fairway.

The beginning of the green is pitched steeply in the Augusta manner and the back right pin location will be guarded by bunkers both front and back making it very difficult to reach. The bunkers on the front right are among the most dramatic on the course.

Hole 5

167m – Par 3

A medium length par 3 which is played steeply downhill from a series of tees set into the bush rock. The left side of the hole is flanked by natural bush and a steep gully. The easiest approach is from the right where the slope helps the ball onto the front of the green. The ridge which frames the right hand bunker extends into the green, making access to the back right pin location very difficult if the tee shot is missed to the right.

The difficulty of this hole very much depends on the pin location as the front right section of the green is easy to hit. There is a steep drop-off on the back left of the green and this is most definitely not the place to go.

Hole 6

395m – Par 4

This beautiful par 4 is played slightly downhill in a steep ravine totally isolated in the natural bush. Just past the landing area the hole doglegs to the left around some large ironbarks and then swings to the right around the edge of a wetland which cuts diagonally across the front right of the green. The fairway then slopes down towards the green, making a running shot possible from this side and favouring a drive placed long and left on the fairway.

A draw is the best tee shot and a fade the best approach. Possum Creek and the surrounding landscape forms the very picturesque backdrop to the green.

Hole 7

195m – Par 3

A long 1-shot hole played a little uphill from a series of tees which curve to the right. The green is angled from left to right with deep bunkers along the right side. Another bunker is located 20 metres short of the green on the left, and the best approach to the green is across this bunker – perhaps with a running shot.

A grass swale runs the length of the green at the rear and gradually gets deeper towards the back right. Escape from this swale will be easy to some pin locations, but difficult to others because of the downhill slope in the green.

Hole 8

527m – Par 5

One of the most appealing holes on the course, the 8th is a long uphill par 5 played through a very steep gorge. This fairway twists severely and continuously up the hole and the inside of many of the curves is guarded by large trees – which makes the choice of both line and distance very important.

The drive favours a draw played over the corner of a ridge on the left side and the 2nd favours a fade to the undulating landing area and a raised green guarded on the right by bunkers and a deep swale. This valley hole is attractive but narrow and is something of a survival test.

Hole 9

322m – Par 4

A very short but demanding uphill par 4 played from tees set in the bottom of a steep slope. The drive crosses a small lake and plays severely uphill to a landing area which curves to left and is guarded by a bunker along the left side. The hole looks frighteningly narrow from the tee, but opens up at about 150 metres, where the fairway becomes wide. The majority of tee shots on the right side of the fairway will funnel back down to the left so aiming right is a safe option. The short second is played to a small green which slopes off in a few directions. It is protected on the left side and front right by bunkers and a ridge which extends into the green before rolling over into a hollow right of the green.

Bailing out in this hollow will allow an easier up and down than any recovery shots from the left or behind the green. Take caution on a front right pin location as the green itself slopes from right to left and will be difficult to approach from the extreme right of the fairway over the front right bunker.

Hole 10

347m – Par 4

Another short par 4, this time from a slightly elevated tee to a valley, before sweeping steeply uphill to a green guarded on both sides by some of the most appealing bunkers which extend down the right side of the fairway towards the landing area.

A picturesque hole where the difficulty lies largely in the narrowness of the second shot and the shape of the green, which is severely 2 tiered and requires an accurate shot to the back section. Depending on the days pin position you may favour your tee shot to the right or left side of the fairway.

Hole 11

351m – Par 4

A medium length par 4 with a drive that is played from elevated tees downhill and across a ridge to a fairway which then swings to the right and a little downhill to a green which is set into a lake and guarded on the front right by a wetland. The right side of the fairway is dominated by a huge, wildly shaped bunker short of the landing area. Once again the hole is played through a corridor of the natural bush and if the drive is played too far to the left the second shot is partly blocked, at least to some pin locations.

The emphasis is on picking both correct distance and direction for the drive. The large green is also guarded on the left by a bunker which leads downhill to pin locations in the middle and back of the green making access to these very difficult from the bunker or the left side of the fairway.

Hole 12

342m – Par 4

A short par 4 but this time steeply uphill for the entire length of the hole and a slight dogleg to the left. A series of fairway bunkers to the right and a rolling fairway favour a long drive to the right to get the best line of approach to a green which is severely bunkered on the front left. The green is also undulating and the back pin locations are difficult to get to. The right hand side is guarded by rolling hollows which form part of the fairway.

Hole 13

551m – Par 5

A very long par 5 but steeply downhill and will not play as long as it’s measured length. It’s also one of the most picturesque holes on the course and a very interesting one. The elevated tee shot is played to a very narrow fairway in a steep gully which rolls and twists and effectively separates drives at different lengths. The corner of the dogleg is guarded on the right side by a bunker and once the fairway turns to the left it sweeps steeply downhill over a wildly shaped fairway to a green set in the side of the ridge and guarded by a series of bunkers leading in for the last 50-60 metres.

The green is very small and must not be missed left into the deep bunker and grassy hollow beyond it which can demand the best recovery shot to certain pin locations. The right side of the green slopes upwards and can be used to run balls back onto the green.

Hole 14

162m – Par 3

This hole is played across a natural watercourse to a green in a ridge which is slanted from right to left and is guarded on both sides by bunkers. The surface of the green is quite undulating and the back and middle left pin locations will be difficult to reach, while those on the right hand side will be considerably easier. The hole is surrounded by attractive bush which forms part of the natural floodway.

Hole 15

399m – Par 4

This is a very appealing hole played along Opossum Creek adjacent to the National Park and once again surrounded by natural bushland. In some ways it offers relief from the previous holes because the fairway is very wide. However the hole doglegs sharply to the right and the drive is best played as long and close to the right side as possible.

The green is set at the foot of a slope of natural bush and hard against Possum Creek, making it an attractive but difficult target unless the drive has been played long and right. A short drive to the left leaves a semi – blind shot to the green.

Hole 16

173m – Par 3

The tees at the 16th are located in the bush adjacent to the creek and the hole is played across the corner of a wetland to a green perched on a slight hill and slanted from right to left. The left side of the green is guarded by fierce looking bunkers which disappear into the wetland and the green rolls uphill to the right, with the front right being protected by another fierce bunker.

A very large and moderately undulating green completes the picture.

Hole 17

483m – Par 5

This reachable par 5 begins with a demanding uphill drive through a narrow opening in the forest from trees located on the edge of a creek. A roll in the fairway sweeps steeply uphill at the length of a good drive, and the landing area is bunkered short on the right and long on the left.

The hole then falls slightly downhill to a green located in a natural amphitheatre and framed on the right by a wetland and a series of bunkers which rise from the wetland to the edge of the green. An accurate long term drive creates the chance to go for the green in 2, but the second is a risky shot. The lay-up shot is relatively easy to a wide fairway but don’t go long into the hidden wetland.

Hole 18

396m – Par 4

An interesting par 4 which sweeps uphill to the left and will play longer than its measured length because of the slope. The drive is played across a gully and an undulating fairway to a large bunker on the right corner of the landing area before sweeping uphill to a wildly undulating green protected by a large number of traumatic bunkers. These are placed partly to dictate the difficulty of the shot and partly for dramatic effect.

The pin locations on the green are on the left adjacent to the bunkers separated by a ridge in the green and leaving a few tricky pin locations on the high right. It’s best to miss to the right but the chipping from this area will be particularly delicate. Demanding shots all round on the finishing hole.

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