HOLE 4: 551m - Par 5

This very dramatic and challenging hole requires a tee shot from the top of the ridge to a fairway in a shallow valley below which curves from right to left around a number of fierce looking bunkers carved into the side of the ridge. The bravest line is directly across these bunkers.

At the end of the valley there is a break in the fairway where the hole crosses a creek bed before rising steeply towards the green. The best approach to this green is from the left side of the fairway.

The front of this green is pitched steeply and any shot short of the green may roll back down the hill. The green is angled away to the right and is guarded by deep and dramatic bunkers both front and back making it very difficult to reach.

Pro's Tip: This hole is not reachable in two shots so play it smart. Always allow an extra club for the approach to the green.

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