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Golf Course Etiquette

To ensure your enjoyment of our course and your game, as well as that of other players, please adhere to the following course etiquette:


Prior to arriving at the club

Check your handicap

Ensure you have booked a tee time

Check our dress regulations

Allow enough travel time to make your tee time

On arrival at Brookwater Golf & Country Club

Please head to the Pro Shop, located via middle door at front of clubhouse

Collect your score card from the pro shop

On the starting tee:

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your tee time

Ensure you have collected a sand bucket (if applicable)

Make sure you have no more than 14 clubs in your bag

Put an identification mark on your ball

Exchange score cards with a fellow-competitor

During your round:

Ensure you fill in any divots, repair pitch marks and rake any bunkers

Be ready to play when it is your turn and keep up with the group in front.

Be courteous to all players

Mark your score card after each hole

After your round:

Return your cart and any hired equipment to the pro shop

Hand your score card to the proshop as soon as possible (ensuring it is signed and ated) there is a score for each hole and your handicap is recorded on the card

Most importantly enjoy your game!


Before playing a stroke or taking a practice swing, always ensure that no-one is in your line of play or near your swing path. Always err on the side of caution and ensure that the group in front of you is out of range of your very best shot.

If your ball is headed towards someone else shout "FORE", golf's universal warning, as loudly as possible.

When grounds staff are working ahead, wait until they acknowledge your intentions before hitting the ball towards them.

Have consideration for others.

Try not to move, talk or create any disturbance or noise while another person is about to play.

Ensure mobile phones or pagers are set to 'silent'.

Don't stand too close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when a player is about to play. Be careful not to stand on or damage other players' lines of putt and that your shadow does not distract others.

Remain near the putting green until all players in your group have holed out, unless your group is a long way behind the group in front.

In stroke play, confirm the score of the player for whom you are marking on the way to the next tee.

Dress Code

Please note the dress code is applicable on course and on the driving range.


Long pants, dress shorts or cargo shorts

Collared shirt or full buttoned shirt.

Anklet, sport or full length socks.

Golf shoes with soft spikes.


Tailored shorts, skirts or trousers

shirts with a collar or sleeves.

Anklet, sport or full length socks.

Golf shoes with soft spikes.

Brookwater has a strict NO DENIM, BOARD SHORTS OR TRACK PANTS policy.

Please ensure that your playing partners are aware of our policy prior to your visit.

Pace of Play

A round at Brookwater averages four and a half hours.

To assist the pace of play we recommend:

Arriving at the starting tee five minutes prior to your tee time.

Walk quickly to the next tee and between shots.

All players are required to keep their round moving by being prepared to hit their shot when it is their turn

The player who has the honour usually plays first

In friendly play (as opposed to a tournament play) players hit as they are ready

Players must refrain from spending too much time looking for a lost ball particularly if there is a group behind ready to play. If players insist on taking the full five minutes allotted to look for lost balls, etiquette requires players to allow any group immediately behind to play through

Players must always keep pace with the group ahead

If a group has a clear hole in front of them and is consistently holding up players behind, they must call a faster group to play through and must also increase their own speed of play

When two players in a cart hit to opposite sides of a hole, they must drive to the first ball and drop that player with his club, then drive to the second ball. After both players hit, they must meet up further down the hole

When walking from the cart to the ball, take a number of clubs and sand bucket with you

Always leave the putting green as soon as your group has finished putting

Upon reaching the green, leave bags, pull buggies in proximity of the walk to the next tee and never in front of the green

Players are obliged to pick up immediately if they will not be able to score in Stableford and Par competitions

Scores should be recorded enroute to/at the next tee

Ensure all pitch marks have been repaired on greens

Ensure all divots are filled with sand

Players should enter and leave by the low parts of the bunkers

Players should carefully rake all marks made in a bunker and leave the rake in the centre, pointing to the line of play

Care of the Course

An important part of golf etiquette is the care of the golf course. A few moments of courtesy during a round will assist the golf club significantly and will ensure a more pleasant round for your fellow golfers.

Try to avoid hitting the turf or causing any other damage when taking practice swings and always be prepared to fix up a damaged area caused by another player. Ensure rubbish is placed in bins or put in your bag for disposal later.

Repairing Divots

Sand buckets are available at the starting tees. Please ensure you use the sand to fill your divot hole (and any others nearby). Use your foot or a club to level the sand to that a reasonably flat lie remains for the following groups.

If you have run out of sand, please replace the divot in its hole if it is intact or otherwise knock in the sides of the divot hole with a club so that a level lie is maintained.





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