Kenmore Football Club kicks off season with new sponsorship

Kenmore Football Club kicks off season with new sponsorship

Pictured: Amani Honan (7), Aanjali Honan (11) and Annika Honan (9) showing off their new Brookwater-branded jerseys.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kenmore Football Club has kicked off the season with brand new jerseys, thanks to a new sponsorship from Brookwater.

Brookwater recently made a significant contribution to the club's purchase of brand new training jerseys, which have been distributed across the Club to players of all ages.

Brookwater Residential General Manager Terry Honan said he was proud to be able to sponsor one of the local sporting clubs.

“We are really proud to be sponsoring Kenmore Football Club this season,” Mr Honan said.

“Local sporting clubs are all about bringing local communities together and encouraging children from a young age to participate in healthy team sports.

“Kenmore Football Club is simply about providing children with the opportunity to love playing football, so we’re really excited to be able to contribute to this in some way,” Mr Honan said.

Kenmore Football Club is an incorporated non-profit organisation, with more than 880 members between the ages of 5 and 15.

Kenmore Football Club President David Smith said everyone at the club was excited about the new jerseys.

“Everyone here at Kenmore is particularly excited about Brookwater’s sponsorship – there’s nothing better than kicking off a new season with brand new jerseys!” Mr Smith said.

“Community support really is the lifeblood of our club, with all donations going a long way to improve our facilities and harness our kids’ love of football,” he said.

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